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Flat Losca Door
LOSCA Door (Slim Door)
Flat Losca Door

Flat Losca door is an anti-finger trapping door with flat-faced design on the sliding surface facing FIX. The Losca seal, one of the Losca door features, stops drafts around the door and significantly reduces air conditioning loss. In addition, it prevents dust intrusion. Featuring both safety and usefulness, it offers a comfortable indoor environment. Compatibility with popular tempered glass doors makes it easy to replace the door.

Features :

  1. The flat design of the door surface prevents fingers from being trapped in the FIX, therefore door can be fully seated in the recess without safety concerns.
  2. The door features airtightness, serviceability, and usability, as well as safety.
  3. A "finger trap sensor" option is also available. The sensor detects the deformation of the rubber installed on the mullion.
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